Rochelle Humes credits motherhood for making her more body confident.

The Saturdays singer - who has Alaia-Mai, six, and Valentina Raine, two, with her husband Marvin Humes - ''doesn't care what people think anymore'' and is happy to show her stretch marks and all.

She said: ''I wasn't as body confident as I am now. And I would have been worried about what people might think, like what are my motives for doing it? But I don't really care about what people think anymore. And I'm so happy with my body, because now I know what it can do. I'm in a happy place, so why the hell not? Stretch marks and all, here I am.''

And the 30-year-old singer and television presenter admits she used to ''brave-face'' her fears and insecurities as a way of ''coping'' with how she felt but she is now urging others to take their fears head on and ''challenge'' themselves.

Speaking to the September issue of Women's Health magazine, she added: ''I brave-face it a lot. That's always been my coping mechanism. I kid myself that it's fine and then, all of a sudden, it is. It's good to do something that frightens you, whether it's running the marathon or taking a job that you feel under qualified for. Challenge yourself. You only get one life, and it's short. Make the most of it. I've just not got time to worry about whether this outfit makes my bum look big or whatever.''

Rochelle poses nude on the magazine cover, five years after turning it down.

She said: ''I accepted myself, and my body, my hair, my scars, and my bumps and my bits on one side that doesn't look the same as the other and I bit the bullet.''