Rochelle Humes has admitted having a child initially affected her sex life.

The Saturdays singer and her husband Marvin Humes welcomed their daughter Alaia-Mai into the world 16 months ago, but it took a while for them to get jiggy beneath the sheets again following the tot's arrival.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: ''I'm not too proud to admit that having a child affects the intimacy in a relationship at first. I hate it when you hear people say they were at it again days later. I don't believe it! I had to have a C-section because Alaia was breech and the cord was around her neck. The first time I had a shower afterwards Marvin had to help me wash and I was crying. No one prepares you for that.''

However, the brunette beauty, 25, admits her relationship with Marvin, 29, whom she married in 2012, is now stronger than ever thanks to Alaia.

She said: ''Having a child strengthens your bond even when you don't think you can get any closer. We look at her and think, 'That's both of us there. It's me and you and no one else in the world has the bond we have.' I really fancy Marvin. It's silly things like when he gets out of the shower and I'm like, 'Oh, hello!' We've always had a lot of fun in that way.''