Rochelle Humes hates seeing herself on TV.

The Saturdays star has been doing some presenting work with her husband, JLS singer Marvin Humes, but can't stand herself back on television.

She said: ''I hate it. I can't even watch my wedding video. I fast forward anything that's to do with me.''

Rochelle and Marvin - who have four-month-old daughter Alaia-Mai together - recently fronted popular daytime TV show 'This Morning' and they were both overwhelmed with nerves at standing in for regular hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Rochelle admitted to new! magazine: ''I felt sick. I realised how hard Holly and Phil's job is. You present a music act, then cook, and then you have to do something really serious. I got so nervous when the title music played.

''[Marvin] was acting like he wasn't. He never gets nervous. He's so chilled he could fall over. But all of a sudden, when the title music started, his little lip began quivering.I thought, 'Oh God, he's nervous too!' I think he was trying to hold it together for me.''

Although she was nervous, the show went well, and Rochelle, 24, is looking forward to going back onto the programme again.

When asked if the couple will appear again, she replied: ''Yeah, I think we will. We'll do it when they need cover.''