Rochelle Humes dresses more modestly now she is a mother.

The Saturdays singer and her husband Marvin Humes are parents to 10-month-old Alaia-Mai and she admits to being more ''choosy'' these days.

Asked how parenthood has changed her, she said ''I'm definitely more choosy. There's an instinct that always flicks on. I'm like, 'No Rochelle, that dress needs to be a bit longer.' ''

As well as Rochelle, her bandmates Una Foden and Frankie Sandford also have children, and the 25-year-old beauty thinks they set a good example as working mothers.

She said: ''I think working mums are good role models - but it's definitely a juggling act.''

Rochelle's husband is a presenter on 'The Voice UK' and she is happy he doesn't get too emotional with the contestants, despite his co-host Emma Willis recently admitting the show often leaves her in tears.

Rochelle said: ''If he cried at 'The Voice',I'd be like, 'You need to man up.' I should've said yes [he does cry] to stitch him up...''