Marvin and Rochelle Humes' daughters ''don't care'' what their parents do for a living.

The couple have daughters Alaia-Mai, six, and Valentina, two, together, and TV presenter and radio DJ Marvin has admitted that whilst their eldest is fully aware of her parents' fame, she isn't bothered and doesn't think they're ''cool''.

When asked if his daughters think he's cool, Marvin - who was formerly a member of JLS - said: ''I don't know! When I start singing in the house, my two year old says 'Daddy, stop it!', so I think I'm already embarrassing to her. Whereas with Alaia, I'm sometimes cool in her eyes, and sometimes I might not be. She knows what we do for a living, but she doesn't care.''

Marvin's wife Rochelle - whom he wed in 2012 - is also a singer in The Saturdays, and also works as a TV presenter.

And the Capital FM star says that despite their kids' lack of interest in what they do for a living, they always make sure to have ''family time'' every day, which involves switching off all their electronic devices while they have dinner.

Marvin explained to The Daily Star Sunday's TV Life magazine: ''My kids are forever watching online videos of the most random stuff. They'll sit there watching other kids unwrap toys and watching other kids make slime. My six year old has just started to watch girls doing gymnastics and dancing, and my two year old is into CBeebies and 'Peppa Pig'.

''But at meal times, all technology goes away. That's out family time to talk and have no distractions. That's important to us as our lives are all over the place. Some nights we have to go out to work, so we cherish the moments when it's just the four of us.''