Rocco Ritchie is reportedly delivering takeaways.

The 16-year-old son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie is said to have taken up a part time job with online food delivery company Deliveroo to ''placate his mum and dad''.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''It's been a bit of a laugh for him and a way to placate his mum and dad until he works out what he wants to do.

''They both agree a bit of discipline and a schedule would do him good, whether that comes from voluntary work or something low paid. He has been looking into working in a local gardening centre.''

Meanwhile, Rocco was arrested in November for possession of marijuana after the drug was allegedly found in his rucksack in Primrose Hill, London.

A source said at the time: ''Rocco has become a well-known figure in the area and not for the right reasons. He's been repeatedly seen acting suspiciously.

''This incident was the final straw. Local residents are fed up with him acting in this manner and called the police.''

And Madonna released a statement in support of her son, adding: ''I love my son very much. I will do whatever I can to give him the support that he needs, and I ask that you respect our privacy at this time.''

Whilst a Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed: ''A 16-year-old has been arrested for possession of cannabis. He was bailed and dealt with by Camden Borough's Youth Offending Team.''

It is believed Rocco was dealt with by the Triage system, which helps to keep young people, who are arrested for the first time for low level offences, out of the criminal justice system. Rocco is not expected to get a criminal record but may have to attend a series of workshops.