Robyn believes people have replaced churches with nightclubs.

The Swedish 'Fembot' singer is about to release her latest album, 'Body Talk PT 1' , and said she spent lots of time in clubs across Europe studying people's behavior, which informed many of the songs on the record, such as 'Dancing On My Own' and 'Cry When You Get Older'.

She told website "Clubs are like the new church for people - it's where you go to feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

"I'm fascinated by club culture at the moment. My boyfriend used to be a doorman so I'll hear stories about how people act when they're insecure, or how they act when they're drunk.

"I think 'Dancing On My Own' is totally from me just being in clubs and going out and dancing a lot, and seeing people and thinking, 'what are they doing here?'. All these people with their hopes and their dreams about their big nights out, 'look at me I'm dressed up and dancing'. There are so many hopes that people have when they go out.

'Who's That Girl' singer Robyn also said other songs on the album - which is ambitiously planned to be followed by two other albums later in the year - are about the impact of technology on humans.

She added: "I think the album, to me, talks a lot about technology versus humanity. Not in a view of some dystopian or utopian future, but in terms of now.

"We're already there: we're already integrated with technology and we're already communicating with each other in these amazing ways, and it's about asking how we deal with this new perspective on ourselves.

"That's what 'Don't F***ing Tell Me What To Do' is about, and 'None Of Dem' as well."

'Body Talk PT 1' is released on June 7.