Swedish pop star Robyn will pick up a camera and become a snapper for a day as part of a new photography project.
The With Every Heartbeat star has joined the Aday.org scheme which aims to capture a day in the life of the planet on 15 May (12) by compiling snaps from people across the world.
The photos will be published online and turned into a touring exhibition and a book, to be buried in a time capsule at the bottom of a mine in Sweden.
Robyn plans to document her life in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.
She says, "I thought there was something very democratic about it (the project), and modern. It's about looking into the future and letting all kinds of people have their say. I think it will be something that people will use for research, for things that people don't even know yet what it will be good for."
Other high profile participants include British entrepreneur Richard Branson and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.