Robyn used psychedelic drugs to beat her depression.

The 39-year-old Swedish pop star has just released her new studio album 'Honey' eight years after her last LP and she spent so much time away from the music business after suffering in the wake of her split from her on/off filmmaker boyfriend Max Vitali and struggling with the grief she experienced when her mentor Christian Falk died of pancreatic cancer in 2014.

Robyn attended therapy ''three times a week'' to help her get over both different losses and also decided to use 'microdosing' with natural highs such as magic mushrooms and the ayahuasca brew of the Amazonian tribes to help her get her mind right.

Speaking to The I Paper, Robyn said: ''I went to therapy three times a week. Well I think psychedelic drugs are definitely useful in those periods of your life. It balanced me chemically. To me it's like a cleanse. Like self-care. But it was a very now-and-then thing.

''Psychedelics are like travelling - they shift your perception. You come to a new country and you're like, 'Oh that's what a bus looks like.' If you're stuck in one way of thinking, travel, take some mushrooms, do something that just gets you out of your head. I've also done ayahuasca, but that's a much more heavy thing.''

After beating her depression, the 'Dancing On My Own' hitmaker felt reinvigorated as an artist and she insists that shows on the tracklisting on 'Honey'.

She added: ''Part of me was thinking: 'Maybe I should just release Honey the way it is. Am I just being silly, thinking I can do something special here?' But I decided not to try to get to where I wanted to get to. And I got there, I think. 'Honey' was the first song I wrote where I really enjoyed myself again, after questioning the idea of being an artist

''I felt inspired by his happiness working with those rhythms. That excitement of how music makes you want to dance - that's what got me into it, and that's what Honey is about. Me being able to enjoy myself again.''