The actress has been playing the wife of Kevin Spacey's ruthless president Frank Underwood in the Netflix drama for three years, and her character's wardrobe has become a talking point - because Claire always dresses to impress in power suits and dresses.

And the show's costume designer Kemal Harris tells The Hollywood Reporter there's a lot of thought that goes into what the TV First Lady wears.

"I came on board in season three," she explained. "I have a background in red-carpet styling and was asked by Robin if I would be her costume designer on the show. I was limited on the colour palette, since our camerawork is dark and moody, and we don't do primary colours.

"This season (four) we used eggplant, burgundy and deep green, along with some lilac for Claire. She is so sexy and so strong, and I love that you never see her cleavage or see her in a miniskirt. In season four, Claire is in an evil headspace and battling with good and bad. We would use trim as a contrast - black suits and white trim, grey suits with dark trim - playing the contrast with what was going on in her life."

The clothes helped make the woman and the role has scored 50-year-old Robin a Golden Globe Award, while Claire's look has become popular, with her style and choppy blonde hair, courtesy of celebrity stylist Paul Norton, copied by power ladies who binge watch the show.