Robin Wright and her new fiance Ben Foster have sealed their love with matching tattoos.

The actress, who divorced Sean Penn in 2010, became engaged to Foster in late 2013 after two years of dating.

Wright has now revealed she has had the letter 'B' inked on her wedding finger, and her partner has a matching 'R'.

She tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "Ben has an 'R' tattoo in the same place. I've been so anti-tattoos my whole life. But doing this felt right because we're not that traditional."

The House of Cards star admits Foster's proposal was "such a shock", but insists the step forward seems natural, adding, "We felt married anyway. We've been together ever since the first date... Ben and I have a connection between us that just feels right. I don't know any other word for it."

However, Wright admits her first date with her now fiance was terrifying: "I'd never, ever been asked out on a date before. Never. I was frickin' married my whole life, and even before that I hadn't been asked out."

The union with Foster will mark Wright's third marriage - she was previously wed to another actor, Dane Witherspoon, in the 1980s before Penn.