Funnyman Robin Williams is considering playing Peter Sellers in a London play covering the final years of the comedy legend's life.

The movie The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, starring Geoffrey Rush and Charlize Theron, attracted criticism from the legendary humorist's family last year (04), with Seller's former wife threatening legal action.

But the team behind the new West End show includes Sellers' former script writer JOHN ANTROBUS and Sellers' friend and producer ANTHONY HAAS (corr), so they hope their depiction of the days leading to his 1980 heart attack will provoke less hostility.

And MRS DOUBTFIRE star has frequently cited Sellers as one of his greatest comedy inspirations, so the team reportedly hope the casting will prove popular.

Antrobus says, "I was with Peter from the early days and we were kindred spirits. The play tells the story of the end of Peter's life when he knew he would have to find a new heart or die. It's sad but also funny."

08/04/2005 14:06