Robin Williams is keen to bring his cross-dressing nanny Mrs Doubtfire back to the big screen after learning that RETURN TO ME director Bonnie Hunt is writing a sequel to the 1993 comedy hit.

The funnyman is very excited about recreating one of his most beloved film characters.

He tells website MOVIEHOLE.NET, "They're trying to write it. Bonnie Hunt is writing it, and I think that if she can do it right, it'll be OK. If they don't do it right, it's not worth doing it. You've got to find a way of doing the character.

"How do you take it on after so long? You've got to be able to do her, do the character; why is she dressing up again, and how

did she get away with it?

"The first one was so much fun because the conceit was pretty good and the make-up was great. The really good news now is that make-up has come along. The make-ups have just gotten better and better."

08/03/2005 09:32