Funnyman Robin Williams jumped at the chance to star in 2002 thrillers One Hour Photo and INSOMNIA after years of starring in family-friendly films.
The actor was the star-turn in many hit 1990s kids movies, including Jumanji and Mrs. Doubtfire, but he admits he was growing tired of the roles he was being offered - and was delighted when he got the chance to turn nasty for the two projects.
He tells Britain's Time Out magazine, "It’s very hard to convince people to offer you something else. I wasn’t getting offered (serious) roles! When I got offered them I said right away, 'I’ll do Insomnia, I’ll do One Hour Photo.' It was so freeing!
"As Anthony Hopkins said once, playing evil is seductive because you can explore behaviour that in real life you’d do prison time for. Most nasty f**kers are very charming."