Funnyman Robin Williams begins filming his new movie FINAL CUT in Vancouver today (10JUN03) - and he's playing against type in the futuristic dystopian thriller.

The science-fiction drama is set in a world where people have a microchip implanted in them which records the details of their lives, and can then be played back to their loved ones after their death.

Williams plays a 'cutter' who has the final say on his client's memory record - but soon discovers a secret from his own past which sets off a terrible chain of events.

The film is being directed by first timer Omar Naim, who also wrote the screenplay, and is being made by Munich-based production company CINERENTA, the biggest foreign movie producer in Hollywood, with LION'S GATE's Nick Wechsler producing.

Cinerenta and Lion's Gate have previously teamed up to produce DUSTIN HOFFMAN's CONFIDENCE and Bill Paxton's FRAILTY.

Final Cut, which also stars Jim Caviezel, is due for release in America next Spring (04).

10/06/2003 13:41