Robin Williams' actress daughter ZELDA was left cringing with embarrassment at the recent premiere of her father's new movie WORLD'S GREATEST DAD - because the comedian failed to warn her about his nude scene.
In the film, the funnyman plays teacher Lance Clayton, who turns his life around after suffering a terrible family tragedy.
In one of the final scenes, Williams' character suffers a mini-breakdown and strips off for a plunge into a school swimming pool - but the actor admits the idea to get naked wasn't originally in writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait's script.
Williams says, "Actually it (the nude idea) was mine. I thought, 'It's at the end of the movie, where this guy is having a catharsis... he's getting rid of everything, why not go (nude).
"I dive into a pool and, coming up (to the surface), it's almost like a rebirth. It's a strange thing and, in a weird way, it worked."
However, Williams forgot to give his 20-year-old daughter Zelda advanced warning about the shocking scene - so she could avert her eyes in time.
He adds, "My daughter was at the premiere. She came up and said, 'Thanks for telling me, dad.' She's 20 now and she was like, 'Thanks for giving me a heads up about the nude scene!'"
And Williams can understand how horrifying it must have been for her - because he'd react with horror if she ever stripped off for a film.
He says, "I think I'd be like, 'Stop! Turn that off!' That's when hypocrisy comes up and goes, 'Payback's a b**ch!'"