Robin Williams is taking his third marriage each day as it comes.

The 60-year-old actor tied the knot with Susan Schneider last month and while he says they're very happy together, he knows not to take anything for granted.

Robin - who has battled drink and drug addiction in the past - said: "Well, I'm certainly not having a mid-life crisis. I had that 20 years ago!'

"You think, 'Be grateful for what you have', instead of looking around to get something else. You probably learn not to repeat the same mistakes, to be more accepting.

"And I'm enjoying being married, and really being present. I was present with the other marriages, but...

"You never know if it's forever. You just take it on a daily basis."

The 'Mrs Doubtfire' star - who has three children from his two previous marriages - says he knew Susan, 47, was the woman for him as soon as they met and is grateful to the support she has given him ever since.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "The first time I saw her I kept thinking, 'She's so beautiful', but I also had The Feeling that I knew her. I said, 'Don't I know you?' I know it sounds like a bad pick-up line. But it's true. 

"It's been a wild time, but it's pretty wonderful right now. My wife has helped me through so many things. Love is the most important thing in life."

Robin and Susan - who wed in a ceremony at the luxurious Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley, California, in October - met shortly before the 'Happy Feet Two' star underwent heart surgery in early 2009 and the graphic designer helped nurse him back to health.