Robin Williams hates ferrets.

The 60-year-old actor - who voice two characters in his latest movie 'Happy Feet Two' - acknowledges that some people view the creatures as "loveable weasels" but he is not a fan of them and insists they do very little except bite.

He told Empire magazine: "The ferret is the most annoying animal. I'm probably going to get hate mail from angry ferret owners now, 'How dare you insult the ferret! It's basically a loveable weasel.'

"There's a show In America where all these people compete with ferrets and they don't even do anything. They basically hold them up and if they don't bite you might win."

As well as ferrets, Robin isn't a fan of chinchillas as he thinks they are "mean".

He said: "Years ago a friend of mine had a ferret called Ranchi-Franchment, but that one was actually quite sweet. So maybe I'll say the chinchilla is the most annoying instead. They're pretty mean too and they roll in dust."

Despite the dancing theme of his latest film, the comic star also admitted he can't dance.

He said: "I can't dance. My style is bad white-boy dancing. I can do swing a little bit, but nothing beyond that. My solo dancing is sad. I use my arms, badly. Stand back!"