Robin Williams got his own back on OSCARS organisers on Monday night (07MAR05) when he gave American TV viewers a taste of the Academy Awards song he was banned from performing.

Appearing on pal Jay Leno's The Tonight Show to promote new movie ROBOTS, Williams read out an extract from the lyrics deemed unsuitable for the Oscars.

The 53-year-old is still baffled as to why the harmless song, which made fun of the recent Spongebob Squarepants homosexual furore, was axed two days before the Oscars ceremony (27FEB05).

On The Tonight Show, Williams sang, "PINOCCHIO's had his nose done, Sleeping Beauty's popping pills / The THREE LITTLE PIGS aren't kosher, BETTY BOOP works Beverly Hills.

"Superman is hooked on steroids, TINKY WINK (sic) is in the pink / Damn it to hell, wake up and smell the stink beneath the ink.

"CHIP 'N' DALE both are strippers, SCROOGE McDUCK is really tight / BUGS BUNNY's a cross-dresser, SNOW WHITE has been up all night.

"There's something fishy about NEMO, Batman + ROBIN share a sink / WINNIE THE POOH - we know what he's into / The stink beneath the ink."

Williams feels sure the Spongebob fiasco is a big joke: "I know a few gay men living in San Francisco and I've never seen one in square pants."

09/03/2005 10:32