Robin Williams and Julianne Moore showed their support for the Hollywood writers' strike by joining New York protestors on the picket lines on Thursday (08Nov07). David Duchovny, Tim Robbins, Holly Hunter and Roseanne Barr were also on hand to lend their support to the Writers Guild of America union members, who were protesting outside the Time Warner centre. Robbins says, "This is not about millionaire screenwriters, this is about middle-class writers trying to support a family and make mortgage payments." Hollywood actor-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also waded in on the debate, reassuring protesters in Los Angeles that their fight was being taken seriously. He says, "I think it's very important we settle that as quickly as possible, because it has a tremendous economic impact on our state." Strikes began earlier this week (05Nov07) after talks with studio representatives failed to resolve a dispute over royalties. Picket lines were set up outside studios in Los Angeles and New York, after the Writers Guild of America asked its 12,000 members to stop working.