Robin Thicke has said there's ''nothing left'' of his home after it was caught in the Californian wildfires.

The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker and his pregnant girlfriend April Love Geary - who already have eight-month-old Mia together - were evacuated from their Malibu abode on Friday (09.11.18) due to the raging wildfire spreading through California, and on Monday (12.11.18), the singer returned to the site of his home to find everything gone.

He said: ''It's funny, [from what] you see movies, you'd think there would be one doll left over, or a book of course, something. [But] it's just rubble. There's nothing left.''

The 41-year-old musician spoke of the ''devastation'' that his community is facing in the wake of the fires, but says there's still ''hope'', as many of the homes in the area are still standing.

He added: ''It's a great community, it's a community of wonderful people, a lot of parents whose kids go to the same school as my kid. It's just devastating.

''Coming back here, there's a lot of hope. I see how many homes are standing, [there are] a lot of positive things that a lot of people who had to evacuate don't know.''

Although Robin and April have lost their home, some of their property remains intact, and the singer has said he plans to have their house rebuilt.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he said: ''A lot of homes are still standing. Ours didn't make it, you know ... sometimes it happens. We love this area, we love the people here, we love this neighbourhood. Luckily, some of the property is still intact, you know, [it was] just the home.''

April took to her Instagram story over the weekend to reveal the tragic news that their home had been burned down, as she uploaded a photo of the front gate of their destroyed house and, alongside a crying emoji, wrote: ''Our house is gone.''