Whilst audience numbers for the latest TV singing contest were laughably low, drawing a paltry 6.7 million total viewers according to Nielsen ranking, the few that did see the show will have noticed one standout performance coming from the judging panel – with Robin Thicke drawing much appraisal after the show debuted last night.
The son of TV star Alan Thicke, Robin outshone his fellow judges – Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Jennifer Nettles – despite his relative obscurity compared to the rest of the panel. According to the LA Times, the falsetto-singer’s name shot up towards the top of Google searches as the show aired, something that eluded any of his contemporaries.
We can only think that what stuck out for Thicke above the rest of the pack was his talented singing and animosity with the shows contestants, although the fact that he is handsome young man specializing in a certain kind of R&B/pop that tends to make the ladies melt may have lent him a hand.
At least the success of Thicke will be something for the show’s producers to take solace in, as reviews of the first show were mixed at best. But what will worry executives at ABC the most will of course be the disappointing audience draw brought in, with fingers and toes being crossed that next weeks show can bring in a more respectable draw.