Robin Thicke's racy Blurred Lines promo has prompted a petition urging Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron to change the law and ban children from watching saucy music videos online.

The hit single caused controversy over its provocative lyrics and the video, which features naked models dancing, was even banned from

Now activists in the U.K. have launched a campaign calling for the law to be changed to stop young children seeing such saucy videos.

A petition aimed at Cameron has been posted on and has attracted more than 15,700 signatures.

The document, which is illustrated with a picture from Thicke's video, reads, "Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke... shows naked women cavorting around fully clothed men and lyrics that seem to promote rape. Unfortunately, this video is one of many which portray women... as sex objects and men as sexual predators. Some of the videos by Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, and Justin Timberlake are perfect examples... I am asking you to put age-ratings on videos, whether sold in shops or viewed online. The digital revolution means that sharing these images is far easier than in the past and so they have much wider impact..."