Robin Thicke says the secret to his eight-year marriage to Paula Patton is making sure he loves her ''every day''.

The 36-year-old star met the 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' actress when she was just 16 and they married in 2005, with the 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker saying the reason their marriage is so successful is because they always make time for each other.

He said: ''You pretty much take it one day at a time. The one thing I've realised about loving somebody is you have to love them every day. Like people think, 'Oh, I'll get to loving you on Saturday.' Or, 'I don't have time this week.'

''And the thing is that people are changing every day - their thoughts, their desires, their insecurities change every day.''

While Robin admits the couple - who have three-year-old son Julian together - have arguments, he is still ''madly in love'' with the 37-year-old star.

Speaking on a forthcoming episode of chat show 'Oprah's Next Chapter' he added: ''We're no different to any couple out there, and we have our fights, we have our problems.

''But somehow, there is this big bang theory that just pulls us close to each other and we are madly in love. Can't quit each other.''