Robin Thicke paid tribute to the deceased Whitney Houston in his own special way, reports MTV, with the R&B star choosing to play a cover of the late singer's 'Exhale (Shoop Shoop)' over the weekend, recording the song with just a piano and vocals. Furthermore, he changed the lyrics - which were originally written in third person - to first, in order to make it a purely personal tribute.
Speaking to Mtv news, Thicke said "I was thinking about Whitney and how incredible she was and remembered I had recorded this song years ago but never released it." He continued, "When I listened to it again, I was overcome by emotion, because the lyrics express everything I'm feeling right now."
Thicke also cited how the song and the fact that it could be reprised so different was part of why Houston will always be remembered, eulogising "That's what was so special about Whitney, she had an amazing ability to connect to all of us and at the same time make us feel inspired," he said. "We love Whitney Houston and always will!" At the late star's funeral in Newark on Saturday a number of singers paid homage to her work and life, including Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and the Winans brothers.