The Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol actress went to family court earlier this month (Jan17), alleging the Blurred Lines hitmaker had physically abused their six-year-old boy Julian with harsh spankings.

According to TMZ, a judge sided with Patton during a hearing on Thursday (26Jan17), and temporarily relinquished Thicke's parental rights, while officials at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) continue their investigation into abuse allegations.

Robin and Paula appeared in court and both asked for temporary sole custody of Julian, but when presented with a domestic violence restraining order by Patton's lawyers, the judge approved the motion and ordered Thicke to stay away from his ex, his son, and any of Paula's family members until further notice.

Thicke's lawyers made a swipe of their own by informing the judge DCFS agencies are planning to close the abuse case against the singer due to "unfounded" allegations. His attorneys also insisted another case has been opened against Patton for "emotional abuse", with claims she is intentionally pitting Julian against his father.

Patton allegedly submitted the domestic violence restraining order request after a scheduled visit between her ex and Julian went awry. Robin has been accused of losing his temper and violently banging on the door after no one answered when he turned up at the home of Paula's mother to pick up his son for an authorised visit.

The R&B hitmaker's temporary loss of custody has occurred nearly two weeks after he turned up at Paula's house on 13 January (17) with cops by his side in a failed attempt to meet with Julian. Robin was turned away from her home and forced to leave the property after the little boy informed police officers he was afraid of his dad and wanted to stay with his mother.

Thicke has admitted to lightly spanking Julian on rare occasions, insisting the disciplinary method was something he and Paula agreed upon during their marriage.

Teenage sweethearts Robin and Paula's divorce was officially granted last March (16) after a year-long separation.