Robin Thicke resents being compared to Justin Timberlake.

The singer - whose new track 'Blurred Lines' with Pharrell Williams is the fastest-selling single of 2013 so far in the UK - can't see any resemblance between himself and the R&B crooner and doesn't understand why people think their high-pitched vocals sound similar.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''The weird thing is, people don't compare Justin to the people that I get compared to. The only connection that Justin and I have is that we're both white.''

Robin, 36, has no desire to work with female singers in the future and only wants to collaborate with big time rappers or producers because of his own capacity to hit the high notes.

He said: ''I only really want to work with producers or rappers. I have no desire to work with singers.

''Mary J. Blige hopped on a song and I did one with Estelle, but I don't really get excited about that. I guess maybe it's because I can sing the female part.''

The US star has written songs for the likes of Usher and Christina Aguilera over the course of his career, but didn't launch himself as a solo artist until 2002 and believes waiting until he was a little older has made him more grateful and humble.

Robin added: ''I started out as a songwriter and by the time I was 21 I'd worked on two dozen gold and platinum albums.

''When I finally put a song out of my own, it was a very sweet redemption to have this type of success and get emails and texts from people in the industry throughout every day congratulating me, saying they're so happy for me.

''It's because they've known me for 20 years trying to get a Number one hit. If I could go to an awards show, rappers, rockers, popstars, everybody - I know all of them.''