Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are in a ''better'' place now.

The former couple recently worked out their custody dispute over their seven-year-old son Julian and, after previously having an acrimonious relationship which even saw the 'Baggage Claim' actress obtain a restraining order against her ex-husband earlier this year, they are now working to get along for the sake of the youngster.

A source told People magazine: ''Robin and Paula had lots of drama and disagreements, but everyone is doing better now.

''They realised they needed to figure out ways to get along, so things would be easier for their son.

''The drama was very difficult and unfair to Julian. Lately, things are much better. They all seem happier.''

And things couldn't be going better for the 'Blurred Lines' singer as the 40-year-old star recently revealed his girlfriend April Love Geary, 22, is pregnant.

The source said: ''April is very mature for her age. She will be a great mom. Robin is excited to become a dad again. He thinks Julian is the best.''

Under the terms of the new agreement, Robin will have custody of his son Monday through to Wednesday, whilst Paula, 41, has him Wednesday through to Friday, with the former couple alternating who takes care of the little boy over the weekends and having him for a week at a time during holidays.

The pair - who were married from 2005 until their divorce a decade later in 2015 - have also agreed to share the cost of expenses, including Julian's private school tuition.

Previously, Robin has spoken of how he and Julian have a very strong bond.

He said: ''We do everything (together). We go to theme parks or museums or ball games or just go to the park on Saturday and sit around and walk for a few hours. Kick a ball and all that stuff that dads and kids do.''