Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' Blurred Lines copyright infringement trial will resume on Tuesday (10Mar15) after jurors failed to reach a verdict on Friday (06Mar15).

The musicians are fighting soul legend Marvin Gaye's kids over claims they borrowed heavily from his 1977 classic Got to Give It Up while creating their 2013 hit.

Earlier in the trial, Thicke confessed he had been lying when he claimed during previous interviews to have played a bigger role in the creation of the song, while superproducer Williams testified on Wednesday (04Mar15) that he was not thinking about Gaye or his music when he composed Blurred Lines.

Gaye's children maintain the tune is too similar to their father's Got to Give it Up, and they're seeking a cut of the $16.6 million (£11 million) profits.

The case was handed over to the jury late on Thursday (05Mar15), but the eight-person panel had yet to reach a verdict by the end of its first full day of deliberations on Friday (06Mar15).

U.S. District Judge John A. Kronstadt subsequently ordered the jurors to resume deliberations on Tuesday (10Mar15).