British movie-maker Robin Hardy is so upset about the remake of his cult film The Wicker Man, he has hired a legal team to make sure he isn't inaccurately connected to the new film. Hardy, who also appeared in the creepy 1972 film, insisted an internet writing credit was removed - because he doesn't want fans of the original film to think he was in any way a part of the NEIL LaBUTE remake. And LaBute admits he didn't expect his new film to create such a negative fuss - as fans of the original hit the internet to blast the very idea of the remake. The film-maker upset fans by relocating the setting of the film from the Scottish Highlands to America and changing the sex of the film's chief villain from Christopher Lee to Ellen Burstyn. He says, "I understand how people are very territorial about what they like and I understand how the original actors and director can think, 'God, how can they touch us.' "But it's not something that I want people to judge whether they like one better than the other."