British director Robin Hardy refuses to be associated with the new Hollywood remake of his classic 1973 horror movie The Wicker Man, and has requested that his name be removed from all publicity material.

The 65-year-old film-maker is bemused by NEIL LaBUTE's upcoming version, and is particularly critical of the casting of Ellen Burstyn as cult leader SUMMER ISLE, originally played by Christopher Lee.

Hardy says, "I don't quite understand what they are doing.

"It appears that not only is the lady involved, but there are also attacks by killer bees, which sounds like a really old-style horror film."

Hardy is also exasperated that the producers have credited him as the original screenwriter, as the writer is in fact Anthony Shaffer.

He adds, "I have had to have my lawyers call them, not because I particularly care, but it is clearly wrong that it should be out on websites and in the trades and everything."