Robin Gibb 's family have been holding vigil for him beside his hospital bed as the Bee Gees man battles for his life in a coma brought on by pneumonia. Wife Dwina and brother Barry Gibb are among those who've visited the star, and in a brief chat with Irish newspaper The Impartial Reporter, Dwina commented that they'd been playing songs to the musician in a hope that it may bring him back to them.
"His brother Barry, his wife Linda and son Stephen came over from America. Barry was singing to him. Thousands of people are saying prayers every day", said Dwina, going on to reflect on what could prove to be Gibb's final work, the piece written for the Titanic Requiem. "'Don't Cry Alone' was composed especially for the occasion and was played by record since Robin was unable to attend," Gibb said, "It was written and inspired by, a husband is taken by the sea, and with all the power of his soul he calls out to his wife not to cry alone. He reassures her that his spirit will always guide her and their children, and begs that she never doubt him. He is only a whisper away. She only has to think of him and he will be there. She need never cry alone again."
Between Robin and his two brothers Maurice and Barry - their younger brother Andy died aged 30 - the Bee Gees took seven Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.