Robin Gibb's son will ensure his famous father's legacy lives on by naming his first child after the Bee Gees legend.

The singer lost his battle with cancer on 20 May last year (12) and his son Robin-John, known as Rj, marked the approach of the first anniversary in an emotional interview as he prepares to become a father himself.

Rj and his girlfriend Megan Golub are expecting a baby boy in July (13) and the couple have decided to name him Robin in tribute to his late grandfather.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "Now that I’m about to become a dad myself, my sadness has been overtaken by sheer happiness. Losing dad was devastating and I could never have imagined feeling (happy like this) during the months after he died.

"We were not just father and son, but best friends. Dad loved children, and would have been thrilled at having a grandchild, and it’s such a shame that he won’t be there to hold the baby. Of course, when the baby arrives we will still miss Dad as much as we do now, but the wonderful thing is that his presence is still here."