Robin Gibb, the musician and singer with legendary pop group the Bee Gees, is spending his fourth day in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. Gibb, 62, has been battling colon and liver cancer for over a year and was understood to be improving, however, he was rushed to hospital on Sunday (March 25, 2012).
Earlier that day, the musician was expected to attend an awards ceremony for Armed Forces charities but was forced to pull out at the last minute - he has now cancelled all engagements until next month. A spokesperson for Gibb did not go into detail about the surgery, but explained to the UK's Sun newspaper, "He is currently recovering in hospital and therefore, for the time being, all existing commitments prior to the Titanic Requiem concert, have had to be cancelled". Gibb is suffering from the same disease that his twin brother Maurice Gibb died of in 2003. The pair, along with brother Barry Gibb, had dozens of chart hits, including Staying' Alive, Night Fever and How Deep is Your Love. Robin had raised hope amongst fans after announcing he was in remission earlier this month, telling followers, "I am beating cancer and can't wait to carry on with my work.My work means everything to me and keeps me going. I want everyone, all my fans, to know I am OK ... their love helps me so much".
A dedicated musician and songwriter, Robin Gibb recently completed work on his 'Titanic Requiem' - a piece of music that will be premiered at a concert in central London on April 12, 2012.