It's unfortunately not looking good for Robin Gibb, formerly of the Bee Gees, as it was revealed that the condition that forced him to miss the debut performance of his first classical work, 'Titanic Requiem,' has caused him to slip into a coma that many fear he won't ever come out of. Now the UK's Sun newspaper reports that members of Gibb's family have gathered at his hospital bed in London, including, brother and other surviving Bee Gee member Barry Gibb, wife Dwina Gibb and son Robin-John Gibb - who had helped compose the Titanic work with his father.
Gibb has colon and liver cancer and was admitted to a hospital in West Kensington, Chelsea after contracting pneumonia. His son spoke about his father's ailing health just before the weekend, , telling Bbc Breakfast "he's fighting infection and of course - as a lot of people who have family members or friends who endure cancer, they know - there are a lot of periphery problems afterwards they have to deal with."
It's especially sad news given that Gibb was told at one point earlier this year that he was actually turning around his battle with cancer and had expressed hopes of being able to get back to a life that resembled something close to normality. At the moment though, you'd have to say that life of any sort currently hangs in the balance for the 62 year-old.