Ailing singer Robin Gibb has yet to accept his brother Maurice's death in 2003 and still imagines a reunion with his twin.
The Bee Gees legend opened up about losing his bandmate and brother in a recently recorded TV interview, which aired in the U.K. on Sunday (20Nov11) amid unconfirmed reports that Gibb has been diagnosed with liver cancer.
Gibb admits he is still coming to terms with losing Maurice, who was 53 when he died from complications following surgery to fix an intestinal blockage.
He explains in U.K. series Living The Life, "For myself, losing Maurice, my twin brother, very very unexpectedly is something I still haven't accepted. There's no closure for me because I just imagine he's out there somewhere and I'll bump into him one day. To me that is the single most greatest regret - that he's not here. And that's a life sentence."
The 61 year old also reveals his brother's funeral was one of the most difficult days of his life.
He recalls, "It was so sudden. I'm supposed to accept it (his death) after three days. You know, he was a relatively young man and he just went all of a sudden. And suddenly I'm supposed to have closure and completely accept what's happened. But we're not built like that, we're not made like that. Going to the funeral, for me, was worse than actually being told he'd died because it was actually seeing that he'd died."
Gibb's elder brother Barry flew in from the U.S. last week to be with the star, who was hospitalised on Tuesday (15Nov11).