Roberto Cavalli believes a dress can change a woman's life.

The Fashion designer thinks some people are afraid to look "sexy" but says that is his primary objective when creating a new garment.

He told "If you do something different, something special and something sexy; because every woman loves to be sexy - and I want to help a woman to be sexy. Sometimes women are afraid to be sexy and women should know that sometimes a dress can change her life."

Roberto has dressed a number of high-profile women, including Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone and Gisele Bundchen but says he prefers working for singers more as they have more "personality".

He added: "I can tell you that just now I love to dress women from the music world, because I feel as though the singers often have more personality than actresses. I also enjoy. for Example when I first designed for Jennifer Lopez - now she's a friend - but in the beginning I used to make for every event two dresses, one for the red carpet and one for the stage performance. One should be special, sexy - and the other has to be free, for movement and dancing."