Roberto Cavalli has come under fire for making Beyonce look too thin in a sketch.

The famed fashion designer touted a dress created exclusively for the singer's 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour in a press release, but the accompanying conceptual artwork of the design depicts a dramatically emaciated image of the 'Bootylicious' star.

In the sketch, the 31-year-old beauty is seen with an exaggeratedly petite waistline in place of her famous curves and long, spindly arms and legs as she sports the vibrant printed cut-out gown designed for her.

Outraged fans quickly flooded Roberto's Facebook page, where the image was posted, slamming the fashion designer for the unrealistic perception of Beyonce.

One upset fan wrote: ''why would you do such a sketch that clearly doesn't reflect her shape?! I really don't get why brands force women to follow certain kind of body shapes that most people find un attractive. Real Beyonce figure is! (sic)''

Another comment read: ''If this is supposed to be a sketch of BEYONCE why not actually draw BEYONCE instead of some imaginative image which fits the status quo for sickly looking run way models?? She is absolutely gorgeous just the way she is, not as she's represented in that sketch. (sic)''

However, other users quickly pointed out that fashion sketches often feature tall, thin models with elongated limbs.

The incident marks the latest uproar surrounding Beyonce's curvaceous figure, as the 'Grown Woman' singer was reportedly infuriated recently when high street chain H&M appeared to haved slimmed down the star in their latest advertising campaign using Photoshop.