Roberto Cavalli has launched an attack on Dolce & Gabanna and Giorgio Armani.

The Italian designer has heavily criticised the two fashion houses, along with a wider assault on the nation's fashion council for the way he is being treat at the forthcoming Milan Fashion Week.

He wrote on his blog: ''Camera Nazionale della Moda limits itself to scheduling fashion shows, twice a year. The Cavalli maison has always been a member of The Fashion chamber. I think that Armani is a member, too, but his every choice is perceived as an order! Dolce & Gabbana are not members but they don't care about others and pursue their own interests as if they were the only fashion house in Italy. Other relevant Italian brands are owned by French companies and, as usual, Italians pull out the red carpet for foreigners. The Camera Nazionale della Moda supports only big names, giving small companies what's left.''

He claims Armani moved his Milan show to a day earlier than its original slot on September 24.

The change leaves Cavalli as the one ''big name'' on the final day of the schedule, raising concerns that members of the press will miss the show whilst travelling to Paris for the next set.

He added:''As usual, the Camera Nazionale della Moda is washing its hands of the situation and it will not go against the wishes of Little King Armani, and therefore the problems are mine alone. What can I do? Do I stay the final day, running the risk that some foreign journalists will forego my show, or should I overlap with smaller fry, smaller brands, acting as some of my colleagues do?''