Roberto Cavalli insists he isn't in competition with other designers.

The flamboyant sartorialist - who counts Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles among his celebrity fans - says he doesn't look at what his peers are creating as he believes he is his own biggest rival.

He said: "I don't judge what is going around me. Honestly. I don't want to see what the other designers do.

"I do what I like, I don't have any competition. Sometimes I say to my team, 'Why we do like that? Because Dolce & Gabbana and Armani do like that? What do I care?' "

The 70-year-old fashion legend also revealed his disappointment that a lot of creativity has been taken out of fashion.

He said: "Fashion today is not so much about creativity, like it used to be. I can shout about that. To start in the 70s was unbelievable, was different. That was fashion. London was The Fashion capital at the time. The mini-skirt became big. Everything was fantastic."