Roberto Cavalli is proud his son is following in his footsteps.

The Italian fashion mogul sees a younger version of himself in his son Daniele, who helms the label's menswear line, and believes he was always destined to make his mark in the industry.

Roberto told The Hunger magazine: ''Daniele and I have always been very close, and I knew that he would follow me one day. He is extremely talented. I can see how much he tries to invent something special.

''It's fantastic to listen to him because when I speak to him I feel that he's like me when I was younger. He has lived and breathed and grown up in my studio, so his apprenticeship started at a very young age!''

The pair share a love of traditional craftsmanship and both take inspiration from their Italian heritage and their hometown of Florence for their designs.

Daniele explained: ''My father and I do not have the usual concepts that other designers or brands have; it's more about other things.

''When I say we love Florence it is because Florence is of maximum beauty, and the artisans use the oldest techniques to create this beauty. My father and I appreciate all these things that are very Italian, very Florence and very Cavalli.''