Roberto Cavalli is not afraid to ask for help when it comes to his clothing collections.

Despite his label recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the legendary designer says he is happy to have input from other people as he wants to keep his creations interesting and up-to-date.

He said: "To keep up with the tam-tam of fashion, we need help from stylists. For Armani, is enough to change one lapel on one jacket. From us the people expect new design, new style, new way to attract the new boyfriend."

While Cavalli is happy to have help from the outside, he enjoys all the perks that come with being one of the world's most famous designers.

He told America's W magazine: "When I go to a restaurant and they say, 'We're fully booked,' I say, 'It's Roberto Cavalli,' and they say, 'I will check.' I love it!"

The father-of-five also revealed how he would love to get pregnant, saying: "My first child was born nine months, 10 days after the wedding. For me, I would expect to have 10! I never understand why God give the possibility to have children just to woman. Oh, my God, my dream would be to have a baby!"