Actor Robert Wagner has been alerted of the fact that Los Angeles police are to reopen their investigation into the death of his wife Natalie Wood, almost 30 years after the actress drowned off the coast of California.
Best known for her performances opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and in West Side Story, Hollywood icon Wood died after taking a boat trip to Catalina Island, near Los Angeles, with her husband Wagner and the actor Christopher Walken. At the time, the death was deemed to be an accident by the coroner, who found that Natalie had been drinking on-board, however, new information as to Wagner's role in the death has come to light leading Los Angeles Police's homicide division to re-open the case. According to his 2008 autobiography, Wagner, his wife and Walken had eaten supper at Doug's Harbour Reef on Catalina before returning to the yacht where an argument broke out. Walken had apparently suggested Wood should put her acting before her husband and children, which Wagner disagreed with. The Hart to Hart star said when he returned to the master cabin to go to sleep, Wood was missing. However, according to, the investigation is being reopened following the publication of a book in which author Marti Rulli and the boat's captain Dennis Davern suggested Wood died following a fight with her husband Wagner. The book, titled Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour, recounts a conversation between the Hollywood couple that was followed by "thumping noises" - Wood was missing shortly afterwards.
In a statement on Thursday (17 November 2011), Wagner said he trusted the Los Angeles police would "evaluate" any new information coming from a "credible source" relating to the death of Natalie.