Robert Verdi wants to help Jessica Simpson revamp her look.

The stylist to the stars says the singer-and-actress is quite "boring" with her fashion choices and wants to update her whole wardrobe.

He said: "Her look is boring. I would change her up constantly because she is not diverse enough. I would give her a Hitchcock heroine look, a 50s look, and some serious 60s hippie look."

However, while he's not a fan of her look, Robert believes she has The Cut right with her clothes.

He told "Tight always looks better than loose when you are being photographed and when you are on television. You are on the side of tight no matter what."

Jessica Simpson - whose weight has fluctuated over the years - recently revealed how she loves clothes which give her a nipped-in waist and show off her womanly curves.

She said: "I'm a huge Jean Paul Gaultier fan. His pieces make my waist look good. Yes, they're an investment, but I'll have them when I'm old and grey."