Veteran screen star Robert Vaughn was so used to being referred to as 'Sir Robert' on the set of British TV show HUSTLE, he was left deflated when his co-stars dropped the illustrious nickname during filming of the second series.

Vaughn, best known for 1960s programme THE MAN FROM UNCLE, was pleasantly surprised when the Hustle cast and crew started calling him 'Sir Robert'. They even wrote the name on the back of his chair.

But on Vaughn's return to the UK to shoot the second season, he found his status had changed.

He says, "For some reason the rest of the cast were so in awe of me during the making of the first series that they always referred to me as 'Sir Robert', much to my amusement.

"Sadly no one calls me 'Sir' anymore.

"Familiarity hasn't exactly bred contempt but nowadays when they want me on set, someone is more likely to call out, 'Bring in that guy over there,' rather than, 'Get Sir Robert.'"

He jokes, "I can live with it as long as they don't call me anything too rude."

15/03/2005 14:09