The Cure rocker Robert Smith is frustrated at the fallout from the recent riots in Britain, insisting the unrest has paved the way for politicians to turn the country into a police state.
Court judges in the U.K. have been handing down savage sentences to those involved in the violence last month (Aug11) to reflect the scale of public anger at the looting and arson which made headlines around the world.
But Boys Don't Cry singer Smith is adamant the rolling news reports of the riots made them seem more prevalent than they actually were - and he's accused British Home Secretary Theresa May of exploiting the unrest to introduce tough new laws.
He tells British magazine Guide, "They keep showing the same images over and over, and it gives the impression it's happening everywhere, all the time. Perspective has been lost.
"Suddenly you've got all these polls saying, 'Give the police live ammunition.' And I'm like, 'Hold on! It's not that bad, really'... (It's) a dream come true for Theresa May... it just paves the way for the police to be armed, curfews to be put in. It's like we're all sliding inexorably towards this f**king police state, populated with roaming gangs, like a 2000ad comic."