Sin City, the 2005 crime thriller directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by graphic novel legend FRANK MILLAR is to get a sequel. According to the Washington Post Robert Rodriguez announced the news at COMIC-CON today (22nd July), whilst also announcing a sequel for Machete, and talking up Spy Kids 4.
Empire online reported that Rodriquez spoke about the Sin City sequel at length. He claimed that it would have the same 3-part structure as the first film, one of which follows on from the first film, which could mean returns for Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke. He said: "Frank has written a script for Sin City 2. It's called A Dame To Kill For. We're following the structure of the first film with 3 stories and a wrap-around. There's two new stories in there; one is called The Long Bad Night. It could be shot as early as this year - this is the closest we've been and if it's going to happen, it's going to happen this year. I'd love to do that in 3D, because I have an idea to do that in a way that 3D hasn't been used before."
He also revealed that next month's Spy Kids 4 has been shot in smell-o-vision: "Spy Kids 4 is out next month. That's going to be in 4D, and that means there's going to be scratch-and-sniff. This stuff smells amazing. There are 8 instances during the movie where a number will flash on the screen and you then smell that. Some of those are pretty good and some are very wrong." Spy Kids 4 is released on 19th August.