Movie maverick Robert Rodriguez raised the money for an award-winning movie short he made, by agreeing to be wounded and healed in a week. The Sin City director funded his college tuition and made movies on the side by volunteering as a human guinea-pig at a laboratory. And one encounter with scientists left him in agony, after Rodriguez signed up to test a "speed healer" drug. He recalls, "They put in the paper: 'Seven days work, $2,000...' So you go and they don't tell you what it is until you've signed up. "It was a speed healer drug... They wound you. Before I know it I'm face down, getting two punch biopsies outta the back of my arm. They put a speed healer on one and a placebo on the other. "They let you wander around for seven days and then, at the end of seven days, they need an arm back, so they can do and do tests on it, so they cut that section out, sew you up and send you on your way. "But I did make an award-winning short film with that money."