Moviemaker Robert Rodriguez's seven-year-old son REBEL is in for a big surprise when he eventually sees his dad's gory new GRINDHOUSE movie PLANET TERROR - he's killed off in it. The Sin City director often uses his five kids in his films, explaining, "There's no such things as stunt kids, so you have to use your own kids." But even he winced when he had to watch footage of his own son being killed. And young Rebel still thinks his character made it to the end of the film. Rodriguez says, "He doesn't know he died yet. I shot extra footage of him living to the end." The director knows news that he killed his own son on the big screen will upset many parents, but, as a filmmaker, he insists he didn't have a choice. He explains, "You don't wanna traumatise someone else's kids, so you're like, 'Son, you've got to take one for the team.'"