Moviemaker Robert Rodriguez is going back to his roots to offer budding directors the chance to make their dream film on a budget.

The Sin City mastermind became an overnight sensation when his low-budget 1992 film El Mariachi became a cult hit, and now he's keen to give wannabe filmmakers an opportunity to follow in his footsteps.

Rodriguez is working on a reality show for his new El Rey Tv network, which will give visionaries the chance to make a film for just $7,000 (Gbp4,400).

He tells the Los Angeles Times, "I want to do a show called "The Mariachi Project" where I give $7,000 to a filmmaker to go make a feature. We'll show it on the network, give it some critiquing. At the end of the season the winner, chosen by the audience, will get to remake the film with a bigger budget, a real crew and bigger actors."

Rodriguez insists the concept will be easy for savvy filmmakers - because he could make El Mariachi for $700 (Gbp435) today.

He adds, "The biggest expense was the film stock and now everybody shoots digitally. The film camera I had was so noisy, I had to record the sound separately. It sounded like all my money running away."